DS Research started 2014 as an independent market research company for the container terminal industry. We publish market reports and offer tailor-made market analysis.

Our services help you to evaluate the market environment, market potential, companies/ competitors, opportunities and risks that apply to your business. A systematic approach ensures understanding and coverage of market development, trends and key facts. Our analysis therefore form the basis for sound business decisions.

Daniel Schäfer

The company was founded by Daniel Schäfer, who has a background as a professional market analyst for over 15 years. Before he started his own business, he was employed for many years with a consultancy and with the strategy and marketing department of an international renewable energy company.

The first report on the container terminal industry has been compiled in 2003.

Market Reports

Our published market reports provide fundamental market information at an affordable price.
We focus on the latest knowledge concerning market development and trends.
Our reports are executive style and meant to be scanned quickly.

Ports - Container Terminal Industry:

"Container Terminal Project Pipeline 2018" (annual)
August 2018, 150 pages; Base Price: 1.750,- €
Market report on upcoming container terminal projects
"Container Terminal Foresight 2022" (every 3-4 years)
November 2017, ca. 300 pages, 2 separate sections;
Price: 3.000,- / 3.600,- €

Market report on container throughput, projects, equipment

Market Research

DS Research offers tailored market research and analysis to meet your needs and answer your specific questions. We provide comprehensive and neutral market insights, by making expert interviews, extracting company information, reference lists and project lists.

Our expertise includes:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Industry sector surveys and benchmarking
  • Trade and volume forecasting

Our market research covers world or regional markets. Results are confidential and made available only to the client.


Our main clients are companies in the maritime sector, such as equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, container terminal operators, port authorities, dredging companies, and consultant companies.

Our client base is international, reference customers are:

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Market Reports - Container Terminal Industry:

"Container Terminal Project Pipeline 2018" (August 2018)
Brochure (pdf) Table of Contents (pdf) Order Form (pdf)

"Container Terminal Foresight 2022" (November 2017)
Brochure (pdf) Table of Contents (pdf) Order Form (pdf)

"Container Terminal Foresight 2020" (July 2014)
Brochure (pdf) Table of Contents (pdf) Order Form (pdf)

Press & Articles:

Container Terminal Projects
(Port Strategy, 10/2014)
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(International Transport Journal, 9/2014)
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(WorldCargo News, 7/2014)